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Debi Miller - the Farmer's Wife

Debi has been partnering with Bob growing produce at On the Vine farm for over 10 years.  Known at the market as "the Farmer's Wife", Debi loves spending time with the customers and sharing farm stories and recipes. 


In 2015 she tried her hand at growing dahlias, and was instantly hooked!  Debi began sowing seeds in all the bare patches on the farm and by 2017 she was a serious Flower Farmer, starting all her cut flower seeds in a small greenhouse on the farm.

In 2019 Debi retired from full time work outside the home so she could devote all her time to growing beautiful cut flowers and sharing them with the community.  Her favorite time in the field is greeting the flowers in early morning, and saying goodnight in the last bits of daylight in the evening.  

All of the Farmer's Wife Flowers are grown with love and a passion for beauty that is meant to be shared.

Bob Miller Farmer Bob

Bob is in charge of growing all the produce at On the Vine and is chief farm advisor to Debi.  His expertise in crop and soil management has helped Debi's flower field explode with blooms. Farmer Bob helps with the flower cutting and delivery, and is particularly fond of snapdragons and Teddy Bear sunflowers.

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Gus Gardening.jpeg

Gus the Farm Dog

Gus greets everyone who visits the farm with a wag and will escort them to the market.  He can often be seen riding in the cart, lying in the shade while Farmer Bob and Debi weed, or even sneaking an ear of corn for a snack.

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